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PulseR (iNRCORE)

PulseR (iNRCORE)

PulseR (now known as iNRCORE) is a US-based electronic component manufacturer established in 1987. The company focuses on the development and manufacture of high-performance inductors, transformers and magnetic components, which are widely used in military, aerospace, medical and industrial fields.

PulseR (iNRCORE) company's products cover various types of inductors and transformers, including high temperature inductors, high current inductors, isolation transformers, boost converters, etc. These products are characterized by high quality, high reliability and high performance, and can meet customers' high requirements for electronic components.

In addition, PulseR (iNRCORE) company also provides customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers. The company has a number of patented technologies and advanced production equipment, which can provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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