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Ideal tek

Ideal tek

Ideal-tek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision tweezers, cutters and instruments.Headquarters & Manufacturing are in Ticino, Switzerland.Ideal-tek tools are sold in 45 countries by a network of 150 distributor partners.

Our Mission

First quality manufacturer of precision instruments creating value through a perfect balance between industrialization and craftsmanship with a high understanding of our end users and distributors needs and expectations.

Our Know-how

Ideal-tek combines 55+ years of successful experience with a passionate team focused on producing and providing the highest quality precision tools to a global marketplace.

Ideal-tek precision instruments are the perfect balance between HUMAN CRAFTSMANSHIP and INDUSTRIALIZATION.

Our Quality

Production Quality Control processes include checks on geometry, hardness, chemical resistance and tool life. Every Ideal-tek instrument passes a rigorous final test before our customer handles it. 

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