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Terms and conditions

1. Intellectual property.
You can see, listened or otherwise experienced services, websites and all information and / or content ("Content") are protected by China and international copyright, trademarks and other legal protection, belonging to Dan or its parents. , Subsidiaries, contributors, or third parties. TANSSION is awarded the use of this website, service, and content, unmuffable, non-exclusive licenses to print, download, and store some of the content you selected, as long as you: (1) use only these copies only for your own internal business Destipate or your personal non-commercial use; (2) Do not copy or publish content on any network computer, or transfer, distribute or broadcast content in any media; (3) Do not modify or change content in any way, or delete or Change any copyright or trademark notification. There is no right, all downloaded content or titles or interests are transferred to you due to this license. TANSSION reserves complete ownership and complete intellectual property in any content you download from this website, which is based on your limited license so that you can provide personal use of the content as described herein. You must not use any tag or logo that appear on the entire site in the trademark owner unless applicable. You may not mirror, scratch or frame any other page on any other website or web page. You may not connect "deep link" to the site, ie, create a link to this website bypass this website or other parts of the site without writing permissions.
2. Disclaimer guarantee.
TansSION has no expression, implied, or expressed in any product in any product, or does not express it on the website, service or content. Patients clearly exempt from any form, expressions, hints, statutory or other conditions, including, but not limited to, hintable label, specific purpose fitness, titles, and infringement of products, this website, services and content. TansSION does not guarantee what the functionality implemented by the website or service is, instant, safe or no error, or the defect in the website or will be corrected. Typical does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the content, or any errors in the content will be corrected. The website, service and content provide "the original" and "available" basis.

In Tyson, visitors IP address regular review and analysis in order to monitor, only to improve our website, and they will not share typical outside.

During the website access, we can ask you to contact information (email address, phone number, fax number, and address for transport / bill). This information is collected on a voluntary basis - only your approval.
3. Restriction responsibility.
In any case, TansSION should have any third party (including any third party (including loss of profit, savings, loss or loss of business opportunities) for the buyer or any indirect, accidental, special, consequences, punitive or exemplary damage. , Consequences, punitive or (i) any product or service is provided or provided by Danhe genus, or cannot be used; (ii) use or cannot use this website, service or content, (iii) the website passes or promotion Any transaction; (iv) field error, omission or other inaccurate claims, services and / or content; (v) any no-to-access or publicize your transmission or data, (vi) anything to the website or service Third Party's statement or conducted; (vii) any other matters related to products, websites, services, or content, even if the difference barrier has been informed of such damages.

The only obligation and product defect of TANSSION should be in Tyson's choice to replace such defective products or refunds, and customers who do not meet customers under any circumstances, TANSSION's responsibility exceeds the buyer's purchase price . The above remedies should pay the buyer's written notice returned by the defects and defective products of the sixty (60) days. The above remedial measures are not suitable for products that are abused (including but not limited to electrostatic discharge), neglect, accidents or modifications or solder or change during assembly, or cannot be tested. If you are not satisfied with the website, the service, content, or use Terms of Use, your only and exclusive remedies are to stop using the site. You acknowledge your website, your use of this website is your unique risk.