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XP Power is committed to being a leading provider of power solutions, including AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters and DC to High Voltage DC converters. XP offers total quality, from in-house design in North America, Europe and Asia, through to manufacturing facilities around the world. The company offers the widest range of power products available from one source, including solutions for the industrial, healthcare, railway, defense and technology markets.

With a diverse and adaptable portfolio matched by impeccable service across the product lifecycle, we ensure that critical electrical and electronic equipment is powered as safely, reliably and efficiently as possible.

The growing use of electronic devices is changing the way people all over the world work, live and interact. From healthcare equipment to Industry 4.0 devices, our global reach and expertise can help drive your competitive advantage. 

We are committed to meeting international safety and quality standards.

XP Power specializes in working with customers to design and build products in three target markets: healthcare, industrial technology and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Our deep expertise in the technical and legislative requirements for these industries means we add great value to a project – from initial design discussions to full production support – saving our customers both time and money. 

Off-the-shelf power supplies don’t always meet the specific requirements of a target application. Many power systems require customized input and output configurations, unique control/status signals and specific mechanical packaging for optimal performance and integration.

Our customer-specific power solutions are designed to meet these requirements and do so in accordance with industry and safety standards that conform to EMI, EMC and harmonic distortion levels. 

We have distribution agreements with some of the world's leading electronics component distributors. All products in our standard range are available through the websites of these distributors, serving over 230 countries around the world. These partnerships allow us to offer most of our products from stock – building on our high level of customer service. 

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